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About us

U Stars Supermarket is a neighbourhood-friendly lifestyle supermarket offering affordable and quality grocery in Singapore.


With stores located primarily in the heartland across the Singapore island , we offer affordable, quality products and service in a comfortable shopping environment where shoppers can find various food assortments, fresh produce and household merchandise. At the heart of all we do, we aim to be our customers’ trusted partner in the area of home making and living.


In emulating evolving purchase patterns of individuals and modern families, we constantly make efforts to widen the selection of cultural groceries and imported merchandise in the most conducive shopping setting. We operate stores under three formats of varying sizes and selections, we aim to provide value at affordable pricing. 


We aim to put customers at the heart of everything we do. Taking the customer-partnership approach, we follow up with willing customers in one-on-one conversations to get deeper insight into how they feel about us and what we can do to improve.


In short, our customers make us better!

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